Health officials strongly recommend social distancing as COVID-19 continues to spread

Health officials in San Francisco are urging people to practice social distancing.

That includes not attending large gatherings.

It's not mandatory, so events like Saturday's Warriors game went on as usual, but that could change in the near future.

Even with the recommendation to practice social distancing, lots of fans still showed up for the game 

Many people said they are getting out to enjoy such events while they can.

It was far from packed, but still crowded at Chase Center as the Warriors took on the 76ers.

But on the door there was a sign, quite literally, that public health is a major concern.

People 60 and older are considered the most vulnerable demographic of the coronavirus.

That didn't stop a 63-year-old woman with asthma from attending the game.

"I'm here in spite of the scariness of the virus because I like to have fun and because I don't think it's really set in yet how much is going to get cancelled," said Colleen Simmie.

"I'm not really scared to go out in public.  I wash my hands more often, use Purell and all that.  Hand sanitizer," said Kevin Hall.

Movie theaters are another spot where people gather to be entertained.

A young girl who said she knows about the virus threat says she still asked her parents for a family outing to a movie. 

"I don't expect people to have coronavirus here.  Just not something I think about," said 11-year old Denise Alarocan.

Some public places are already shutting down.

Davies Symphony Hall is temporarily closed.

The Golden Gate Park Senior Center also shut its doors.

Restaurants, such as Mel's Diner, typically bustling with patrons on Saturday afternoon, remain open but have seen activity drop.

Avoiding crowds is the opposite of what some girl scouts were doing.

The corner of 4th and Mission is an annual hot spot to sell their cookies.

After taking into consideration concerns about the virus, they concluded, selling there is still safe, for now.

"We have been listening to the council and they are staying on top of all the news and they gave us recommendations that we could still sell," said scout leader Emily Deliver.

"Sales are going great because a lot of people are buying girls scout cookies," said Esmeralda Palomino.

Armed with sanitizer and rubber gloves at the ready, they persisted.

The effects of social distancing is just a ripple right now, but some are getting in activities while they can, because they sense a wave may soon hit.

"I think we're about to get shut down.  This is our last big event," said Simmie.

This afternoon, governor Newsom issued a statement regarding public schools in California, saying "it's a question of when -- not if -- some schools will face closure."

And that's already happening in some parts of the Bay Area.