Heat wave sends people flocking to San Francisco beaches

Extreme heat around the Bay Area sent people into San Francisco searching for relief.

Sky-high temperatures around the Bay have been relentless. San Francisco's reputation for cooler weather has been a lure, drawing visitors from around the Bay.

Beachgoers making their way to Baker Beach were met by federal police, slowing the flow of visitors. But, visitors said waiting for the promise of cooler weather and the refreshing waters of the pacific its worth it.

"I'm from Vallejo, and we just came out to the city because it was just too hot out," said Leslie Lopez. "Just came to get some cold fresh air, and enjoy the beach."

Visitors also remembering that this Labor Day comes amidst a global pandemic, and directives from public health officials to wear masks and stay away from large gatherings.

"Well, you have to find a place for ourselves, it's our only option," said Giovanni Barba from Vallejo. "Keep our distance obviously. You know, find a nice spot not too close to everyone else. Should be fine."

Beachgoers were already staking out their section of sand before noon.

"The reason I came out here is because it's very beautiful," Cristal Delgado from Richmond. "You get to see the Golden Gate Bridge, and came here to celebrate a friend’s birthday and just kick back at the beach since it's one of the few things that are open at the moment."

Those beachgoers keeping an eye on their surroundings.

"It is a little bit crowded," said Delgado. "But, you know, definitely keeping social distancing, wearing our masks, having hand sanitizer. Just trying to be as safe, as the best that we can."

At Ocean Beach was a very different scene. Different from other beaches in the city, and decidedly different from the large group that gathered on at Ocean Beach over the weekend.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed tweeting out word that the city-run parking lots would be closed Labor Day in response.

The few visitors said they didn't mind the longer walk, and smaller crowds.

"I read the bit about how it was closed because of the mass amount of people that were out here," said Dr. Yousef Turshani from Foster City. "A thousand people. I guess you gotta have repercussions if there's groups of people that come out. So, it took a little bit longer to park in the Golden Gate Park, but it was a nice stroll. Makes sense whatever you do for public health and safety. As a physician myself who works in public health I understand."

Health experts and city leaders say there were coronavirus spikes following other holidays, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. Now, the city will play the waiting game for a week or two to see if and by how much the coronavirus rates go up in the city.