Heightened security evident at 12th-annual Outside Lands Festival

Heightened security was evident Friday at the twelfth Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The three-day festival is expected to draw more than 200,000 people with extra police and park rangers patrols as a precaution following the mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton.

The festival has grown into one of the region's biggest music events, drawing big name bands and performers including headliners 21 Pilots, the Lumineers, and Blink-182 on Friday night, Childish Gambino on Saturday and Paul Simon on Sunday night.

One Vacaville man, Robert Trigg, was a first-timer, sitting at a table above the polo fields. He brought his daughter for her birthday.

"She turned 17 and 21 Pilots is her favorite group, so we had to come to that," he said smiling and gesturing down to the stage area where he said she was listening to the bands with the "young people."

Another draw is the festival fare, with 85 restaurants representing local San Francisco foodie culture, from PicaPica pulled pork, to Nombe ramen burgers.

"We sell about 800 burgers a day. If there's a good line and a good act, it could go over one-thousand," said Gil Payne of Nombe Restaurant, "That's why I'm sleepless and doing what I can to make everyone happy here. It's all about being happy with food and drink, and friendship."

At the beer and wine tents, guests could have beverages from some 46 wineries and 30 breweries served up in eco-friendly stainless cups 

"I'm going to use them at home. They even have the little carabiner that you can hook onto things," said Rebecca Macias of Davis.

New this year, is a Grass Lands marketplace in a separate area of Outside Lands. The festival is breaking ground by allowing the sale of marijuana products. Smokers are confined to strictly designated consumption areas, although anyone with edibles or beverages is allowed to walk through the festival grounds.

"I think it's going to grow to festivals and I'm hoping it grows more to farmers markets and is treated for what it is. A plant," said Jimmy Levi, a San Francisco resident.

The Outside Lands farmers market aims to cultivate a new cannabis culture, with education and a range of products from the plant itself to edibles.

"We're still working very hard to lift the stigma that has plagued the cannabis industry for a really long time and so that really leads to limited access for consumers," said Kristi Knoblich Palmer, Co-Founder of Kiva Confections, which was handing out cannabis-free samples of their edibles which were being sold at their booth.

For some, the large crowds and recent tragedy in Gilroy, just 80 miles away, brought a new vigilance.

"It came through my mind for sure," said Angelo Camarda of Sonoma, "Immediately as soon as I got here I noticed there was a heavy presence of security. Police." 

"I actually got a text from my uncle to find a safe spot in case we got lost. So it's really sad honestly," said Cassandra Monteon of San Jose.

Many said they noticed and appreciated the heightened security. 

"We went through several stations of security, and they looked through our bags. And yeah, it was awesome. I'm really happy they did that," said Amy Louis of Chico.

"It was handled really well, and we were ushered through and everyone was very mindful security. It felt very safe," said Elizabeth Goldblatt, another Chico resident.

"Just be aware of anyone around you and you see anything strange just call it out. Don't be scared to call it out," said Cameron Stevens of San Jose.

The festival also has an emergency text alert system. People can sign up by texting "OUTSIDELANDS" to 888-777.

Residents near Golden Gate Park can contact the Outside Lands hotline at (415) 965-8001 with any concerns or complaints.

SFMTA Parking Enforcement will have patrols in areas surrounding the park or can be called at 415-553-1237 or 415-553-1200 if a car is blocking a driveway and needs to be towed.