Here's how much it rained in the Bay Area in the last 24 hours

Rain and wind pummeled the Bay Area over the last 24 hours, and even though the storm didn't break any records, the precipitation levels were pretty impressive, meteorologists acknowledged.

"We've seen wetter systems," said National Weather Service meteorologist Drew Peterson. "But this was really healthy and beneficial."

In just a day, San Francisco went from 78 percent of normal to 89 percent of normal, clocking in at a grand total of 9.7 inches of rain since Oct. 1. And Santa Rosa went from 82 percent of normal to 94 percent of normal, with a total of 17.03 inches in the same time period.

The storm on Wednesday, which had major winds causing power outages and trees to fall, including one that killed a homeless man in Oakland, was the "last big one," for at least five to seven days, Peterson said.

Still, there will be scattered showers and another "line of storms" throughought Thursday and most of the rest of the week. Thunderstorms are still possible on Thursday, as is coastal flooding along the Embarcadero seawall in San Francisco.

Here's the breakdown of by the National Weather Service of rain totals throughout the region from 7 a.m. Wednesday to 7 a.m. Thursday: 

Big Sur 5.6 inches

Mount Umunhum, south of San Jose 4.29 inches

Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz mountains 2.83 inches

Mount Tamalpais in Marin County 2.43 inches

Santa Rosa 2.04 inches

Napa 1.67 inches

SFO 1.12 inches

San Jose 1 inch

Oakland .91 inch