Hillary Clinton holds $33,000 per person fundraiser in Piedmont

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Dozens of affluent Democratic donors paid $33,400 or more to meet Hillary Clinton at an exclusive fundraising reception inside a private home in Piedmont. More than twice as many Hillary supporters, mostly children who couldn't afford the tickets, waited outside.

By the end of the night, both groups got a chance to meet the Democratic presidential nominee.

Clinton surprised the children and neighbors by crossing the street to greet them after the fundraising event Tuesday night. She stood for about ten minutes shaking hands, signing autographs and taking selfies with the children in the crowd. Some of the young people had waited more than three hours outside the event, hoping to catch a glimpse of the former First Lady and Secretary of State.

The Democratic fundraiser was held at the Piedmont home of Wayne Jordan, an Oakland real estate investor and his wife Quinn Delaney, a civil rights attorney. Co-hosting rights were listed at $100,000 per couple.

The well-heeled and fancy-wheeled donors began arriving about 6:15p.m. to the home on Sea View Avenue. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf also attended the event, saying she was invited as a guest and declining to speak on camera.

Along the quiet street in Piedmont, neighbors who have seen President Obama visit their block before said it was exciting to have the Democratic presidential nominee in their neighborhood.

"I got an invitation to attend this fundraiser and I think they've got a lot of neighborhood interest and I think it's really exciting to have Hillary in town," said Huldah Hodgkinson, who says she was not able to attend, although the hosts had extended an invitation to some nearby residents for a lower ticket price.

"It would be great if they did more public events but I also understand those are very hard to organize, so I don't know. I'm just happy that she's here," said Meghan Sullivan, a longtime Piedmont resident who lives nearby.

Democratic donor Susie Buell, a longtime friend of Hillary Clinton, arrived with her husband and stopped to comment on the line of young people who waited outside with signs reading "Girls for Hillary" and "Future voters for Hillary."

"I love to see youngsters out and interested in politics," Buell told KTVU.

She also responded to a question about Hillary Clinton being seen by some as inaccessible and not trustworthy.

"I've known Hillary well for 25 years and you couldn't ask for a more trustworthy... friend. She's so there for her friends and for everyone. She's just this amazing woman that happens to be running for president because she cares so much for others," Buell responded.

Young students, too young to vote, waited for hours outside with signs and chanted "Hillary, Hillary", hoping their voices would be heard too.

"It's really inspiring because there's never been a woman president and I really hope that she wins because girls will have more power," said Alex Kjellen, 13, a Piedmont resident.

"I would ask her how she would make equal rights with women and men," said Alyssa Moore, a Piedmont teen hoping to meet Clinton.

"It is making history and it's very inspiring to know that we are allowed and we can do it," said Claire Fraser, another young resident who said she wanted to see Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's motorcade left Piedmont about 9:30 p.m. and headed for Silicon Valley, where two more fundraisers are scheduled for Wednesday.

A lunch event Wednesday afternoon in Redwood City is being hosted by Amy Rao costs from $2,700 to $27,000 per person.

Following that event, there is an evening reception planned in Silicon Valley hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook and Lisa Jackson, Apple's Vice-President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives and also a former Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Tickets for that fundraiser cost $2,700 to $50,000.