Hillsborough sues owner of Flintstone House, calls landscaping a "highly visible eyesore"

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The famous Flintstone House is coming under fire for some additions to the property.
The house sits, not in Bedrock, but in Hillsborough and now that town is actually suing the owner of the property, calling it a public nuisance. 

Overlooking Interstate 280, the house at 45 Berryessa Way is hard to miss.

Michelle Montrose, who was walking in the area says, "I love having that landmark there when I go by. I'm like there it is... there's the Flintstone House!"

Named after the cartoon, the Flintstone House is known for its bright colors and quirky architecture. 
But lately, it's gotten even quirkier.

There are now enormous dinosaurs grazing on the lawn, and one seemingly out of place giraffe.
Not to mention Fred Flintstone himself and a giant sign reading Yabba Dabba Do.

Emile Nurisso, stopped to gaze at the house. He says, "Little by little we're having Jurrasic Park up there, ok. It's a conversation piece but I'm glad I don't live near there, I'll be honest with you."

In fact, the changes haven't sat well with neighbors. And now the town of Hillsborough is suing the home's owner Florence Fang, former publisher of the San Francisco Examiner.
They say Fang did not get proper permits and call the property a public nuissance.

Assistant City Attorney Mark Hudak says, "We don't like it when people build things first, and then come in and demand or ask for permission later. That's not fair to everyone else who goes through the process."

Officials say Fang was given three stop work notices, a code violation citation, and then a hearing in front of an adminstrative panel made up of neighbors.

The lawsuit is a last resort.

Hudak says, "If the lawsuit is successful, the judge will order her to remove the statues and the mushrooms and the yabba dabba do sign. There are some other safety code violations that she needs to correct and the judge would order that as well."

In a statement to the Associated Press, Fang's grandson Sean Fang said quote "I think the dinosaurs are beautiful. They make everyone smile and should stay."

And at least some residents agree.

Juan Navarro says, "I think they should totally be allowed to do what they want to do. It's their house so live on."

Fang had been ordered to remove all the dinosaurs and decorations by last December. She did not. However she did pay a 200-dollar fine.