Hollister police rescue two pit bulls from parked vehicle in 101 degree heat

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Animal control officers and Hollister police rescued two pit bulls in distress from a hot vehicle, Tuesday. They were left without food, water, or adequate ventilation in triple digit temperatures.

Police responded to a call for two large dogs left unattended inside of a vehicle in San Juan Bautista.

When officers arrived, they observed two large pit bull dogs inside of the vehicle with an empty water bowl.

Officers say the vehicle was in direct sunlight with the windows slightly cracked. The temperature outside of the vehicle was 101 degrees at the time.

Animal control officers were unable to locate the owner of the vehicle and dogs.

With the assistance of the San Benito County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol, Hollister police forced entry into the vehicle to rescue the hot dogs.

Both were safely recovered from the vehicle and immediately transported to the Hollister animal shelter where they were treated for symptoms of heat stroke.

Both dogs are recovering well in the care of Hollister police animal care and services.

The owner of the dogs was located and cited for leaving pets unattended in a vehicle.

Hollister police animal care and services would like to remind the public that leaving an animal in a vehicle on a hot day can quickly cause harm or death to a pet, and is against the law.

If for any reason you need to leave your animal in a vehicle, please consider keeping them at home instead. If you see an animal in distress in a hot vehicle, call 911.