Home Depot delivers a holiday surprise to a South Bay woman at her hospital bed

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A South Bay woman had a holiday surprise delivered right to her hospital bed on Thursday.

Charlene Warkum was not looking forward to this Christmas after her recent back surgery. And the lack of holiday cheer in her hospital room as she went through the recovery process didn’t help.

Warkum decided to make a move. She picked up the phone and called Home Depot to ask if she could order a tree to be delivered to the hospital. Warkum wanted to make sure her family would feel festive when they came for their Christmas visit.

But the company decided to provide more than Warkum asked for. 

"They made this happen. I am telling you, I didn't expect this,” Warkum said. “I wasn’t looking for anything like this, you know, I wanted to just to pay for a little tree."

A whole team of Home Depot employees worked together to give Warkum a Christmas she and her family will never forget. In addition to the tree, the crew brought flowers, a holiday pillow, holiday lights and a reindeer toy for her granddaughter.

"I just want to say thank you so much,” Warkum said. “I am just so happy."