Home spotted crossing San Francisco Bay

A strange sight of a two-story house spotted gliding across the San Francisco Bay over the weekend left onlookers puzzled by the unusual picture.

Video and photos capturing the wooden floating abode popped up on social media, spurring questions from users about the vessel's origins and intended destination.

According to a report from SFGATE, the houseboat was not navigating on its own, it was being towed by a smaller boat on Sunday from the Docktown Marina in Redwood City to Sausalito.

The US Coast Guard said it was aware of the houseboat's location and that it was monitoring its transfer, although the department had not received prior notification of the move.

As of Monday afternoon, the houseboat was still en route to Sausalito.

This houseboat was one of the last remaining floating homes at Docktown Marina, which once housed over 100 residents.

Following the city's determination that allowing people to reside aboard floating homes and boats violated state law, the houseboats were forced to vacate the marina, leading to evictions for some residents.

Despite some residents filing lawsuits in an attempt to remain, they ultimately had to set sail for elsewhere.