Homeless man died after botched backflip; police arrest man who allegedly offered him $6 for stunt

Police arrested Keonte Jones on Tuesday for his alleged involvement in the death of a homeless man last month.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department said 55-year-old Larry Coner approached Jones on June 20 asking for money, KVVU reported.

Jones, 28, allegedly told Coner that he’d pay him $6 if he could land a backflip. Police said Jones livestreamed Coner’s attempts on social media.

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On his third try, Coner landed on his neck, suffering a spinal injury. Police said the camera captured Jones laughing and instructing bystanders not to call for medical help.

Paramedics eventually arrived to take Coner to a local hospital. Ten days later, he died.

Coner’s family informed investigators of the video, which police said led to Jones’ arrest.

Jones was charged with the willful disregard of a person’s safety, according to KVVU.

This story was reported from Atlanta.