Homeless man stayed on streets to protect his dog now has an apartment and a job

Julian Terrance found Max when he was still a puppy. Terrance’s son had just died and he had nowhere to live. Max gave Terrance the strength to keep going. When Julian found a place to stay, he was told they couldn’t take Max. Rather than abandon his faithful companion, Terrance and Max went back to the streets. Now, not only has Terrance found a job, he has an apartment where both he and Max can stay.

In Max, Terrance found a kindred spirit, a kind soul who needed a little help.

“Neither one of us asked to be here,” Terrance told Fox 2. “He didn’t have nobody like I didn’t have nobody.” 

Together, each made life a little bit more tolerable for the other.

“He watched my back and I watched his back,” Terrance said.

When Terrance was offered a place to stay with a relative, however, he was told they wouldn’t be able to take Max in as well. Terrance couldn’t bear to leave Max out by himself, so the two of them went back to the cold, together.

“All he wants me to do is show my love to him, and he’s gonna show it to me. That’s it,” said Terrance. “And that’s why I keep Max. I love him.”

That’s when the people at 3-1-3 K9 and Kitty Rescue found Julian and Max walking down the street. They offered to foster Max so Terrance could go stay indoors without having to worry about Max. Even better for the pair: they’ve since raised enough money to pay two months’ rent on a pet-friendly apartment for Terrance and Max, and Terrance has just been offered a job.

It’s more than Terrance thought possible just a few weeks ago, and he says he has everything he needs.

“I’ve got a castle, I’ve got a recliner, I’ve got a throne,” said Terrance, patting Max. “And number one, I’ve got my buddy, my pal, my noble hound.”