Homelessness the number one concern for San Francisco residents, survey says

A new study shows that homelessness is now the number one concern for people living in San Francisco. As recently as last year the number one issue was housing affordability.
The annual City Beat Poll From San Francisco's Chamber of Commerce shows that housing costs are still a major concern for San Franciscans, but now homelessness and street behavior is the number one concern. It's an issue that's hard to miss on San Francisco's streets, homelessness has crept into every corner of the city, and according to the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is now the top issue that needs to be tackled. 71% of San Franciscans say it's their number one concern.
Some say it's the most striking example of the extreme income inequality in the city, and strains the city's capacity for compassion. "We want to stay open hearted, and we want to care about everybody," said Kim Anderson. "But, we also do have to hold people responsible for who they are in the world. So it's really complicated."
It's an issue new residents in the city have encountered as well. "The most striking thing, of course, is the homelessness," said Clarke Vandenhoven. "It's higher here in terms of how visible it is, than anywhere else I've been."
While it's a concern for all San Franciscans, the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness says no one is more impacted by homelessness than the unsheltered. The Coalition releasing a statement reading in part "No one wants solutions to homelessness more than homeless people themselves who are the ones losing their lives in this humanitarian catastrophe."
As recently as last year’s City Beat Poll, housing cost was the top concern and it is still a major issue, with 33% of poll respondents citing it as the city's top issue. "Housing is a big issue near us. Commercial spaces going away, and amazing 272 unit condos and you know, two bedrooms are going for $4400," said Brendan Grady.
The Chamber says it appears the city has reached a tipping point of sorts, the poll shows that about 70% of San Franciscans approve building more navigation centers even if those navigation centers are in their neighborhoods.
It also showed strong support for increasing police staffing levels.