Houston-area COVID patient in need of hospital room, but family says they're told none are available

A family in the Atascocita area is desperate for a solution as their loved one battles COVID-19 and is in dire need of a hospital bed, but they’re told none are available.

The Cotto family is gathering for a prayer vigil for 54-year-old Tim Cotto, who is suffering from COVID-19 at Kingwood Emergency Center, but he needs to be treated by specialists at a larger hospital.

However, the family says they’re told no space is available.

"My husband has progressively gotten worse and he is 100% breathing on a Vapor Therm Machine and the next step is intubation," explains Tracy Cotto who has been visiting her husband Tim, along with their kids, only through his emergency room window. But he desperately needs to be transferred from Kingwood Emergency.

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"Where they have more facilities, more specialists that are available to help him, but nowhere in Texas is allowing him to come or accepting transfer patients. He is on a waiting list in New Mexico, also Utah," says Mrs. Cotto.

The father of four has been there since Wednesday and is showing no signs of improving. In fact, he’s no longer talking.

"His oxygen levels go down so low that he doesn't have the strength to do it and he just can’t talk anymore. I don’t really know what else to do. I’m kind of really reaching for anything and if mass prayer helps then I want to do that," says Mrs. Cotto.

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"I just want him to get better. It’s hard to see him sometimes because he doesn’t look like himself and he can’t talk back. So I’m like trying to tell him about my day but sometimes it’s hard," says Cotto’s 14-year-old daughter Andie Cotto.

The ICU at LBJ Hospital is full with over 60% of the patients in ICU suffering from COVID. Ben Taub’s ICU is 95% full. Houston Methodist is only accepting transfer patients when space is available. As for Memorial Hermann, we’re told the hospital may have space for Mr. Cotto and the family contacted them immediately. We’ll keep you updated.

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