How you can help Houston from Hurricane Harvey's devastation

As the devastating images of Hurricane Harvey's destruction continue to come in, many people are asking how they can help. The American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter said Bay Area companies with Houston ties are now making donations, as well as individuals. The best way to donate is through a financial donation and it's as easy as sending a text.
With the rain unrelenting and the flooding unprecedented, thousands of volunteers from the American Red Cross are in Texas helping those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

“The need is great in Texas,” said Cynthia Shaw of the American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter. “This is a catastrophic flood of epic proportions. They have had 30 plus inches of rain and the rain hasn't stopped.”

In the Bay Area, the American Red Cross Silicon Valley chapter said their office has been busy with calls and social media messages from companies wanting to donate.

Among them San Ramon-based Chevron contributed $1 million. The gas giant has deep ties to Texas tweeting "we continue to monitor the devastating situation in Texas and ensure employees and their families are safe.”

BMC Software in Santa Clara, with headquarters in Houston, is also pledging a donation, tweeting about the safety of its 900 employees.

Tech companies Amazon and Google are also matching donations.

“The Bay Area is always very generous in support of disasters across the country and around the world,” said Shaw.

For individuals wanting to help, a financial donation is best to save on shipping costs. People can call 1-800-Red-Cross, visit or text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.  Ninety-one cents for every dollar goes to the victims, the rest toward administrative costs.

“Oh my gosh it's horrific it's just one of those uncontrollable tragedies the need is great already as the storm goes away the need is going to be even greater,” said Maj. Roy Wild of the Salvation Army Silicon Valley Chapter.

The Salvation Army Silicon Valley Chapter is also accepting donations looking at providing help in the weeks and months ahead. The chapter is still helping 160 families displaced from San Jose's historic flooding in February.

Hundreds of people were affected in San Jose, thousands of people are displaced in Texas.
The American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter said they have not yet deployed anyone locally because of a wildfire in Southern Oregon but the Salvation Army are on standby to send volunteers if needed.