Hundreds gather at vigil to remember teens killed in crash on Christmas

Hundreds of people gathered in Dublin to honor the young lives lost in that deadly car crash Christmas night. The vigil took place on the campus of Dublin High where all but one of the victims went to school.

In all, 5 kids were involved in the crash. Two survived, but three died, and they were remembered Sunday evening.

Candles were lit in memory of twins Michael And Mark Urista, and their cousin Javier Ramirez, all 16-year-old Dublin High students who lost their lives in that fatal crash on Foothill Road in Pleasanton Christmas night.

The mother of the twins was overwhelmed upon seeing the hundreds who came out in support.

"God, this looks so beautiful looking at everybody out here, it warms my heart.  It’s beautiful. I can’t put it into words," said Anna Reynoso, Mother of Mark and Michael Urista. 

"Thank you all, we feel everyone’s love, we really do.  Michael, Mark, we love you," said the father of the boys.

The family asked the crowd to pray for Samantha Arceo and Jared Reynoso, both still hospitalized following the crash.

"And hopefully we get him to respond and wake up and, of course, Samantha is doing a little bit better so we’re wishing her well, as well.  We’re just grateful that she’s woken up," said Reynoso.

The crowd heard personal stories from friends about how all three young men were generous, caring and well-liked. The young men touched the hearts of many, like their friend Perla.

"They were the sweetest boys I ever met. They were warmhearted, they cared for one another, they didn’t sleep until they knew everyone else was ok. They put others before themselves," said Perla.

Dublin High's principal addressed the crowd, giving her students a dose of honesty about the pain they're going through.

"Students, I would like to tell you that the pain will go away, to be honest, for many of you, it won’t. Take that as a sign that Javier, Michael and Mark will continue to live on in you," said Dublin High Principal Maureen Byrne.

The size of the crowd was a testament to the impact the young men had on so many lives. Their passing may be leaving a void in their community, but it's also providing a lesson that one young woman says she's taking to heart.

"It’s just take life how it is. Love it. Just hug who you love, you just never know. I mean, no one ever expected this," said Isabela Ramirez.