Hundreds of cars participated in weekend Oakland sideshow

Oakland police say hundreds of cars took part in an illegal sideshow activity over the weekend. 
The department posted two videos, one from Fruitvale Avenue and International Boulevard; the other from West Grand and Telegraph avenues.

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying those who fired guns, drove recklessly and committed assault.

Deputy Chief LeRonne Armstrong on Tuesday said police believe there is a network of sideshow participants that tip each other off to police locations so they can communicate better where to conduct sideshows. 

He also said the department is not providing overtime for sideshow specific patrols as they had in the past, due to budget cuts. 

Armstrong said police extensively review video of sideshow activity and aggressively go after these vehicles and will tow them for illegal activity. 

"For those who come to Oakland and participate in sideshows, you can expect to see Oakland Police Department show up at your driveway and tow those vehicles," Armstrong said. 

Anyone with information should call Oakland police.