I-Ching reader Master Y.C. Sun discusses year ahead

Chinese New year Celebrations are continuing. They traditionally last for 16 days, starting with the beginning of the lunar new year which was February 5th.

It is the year of the pig, which is one of 12 animals in the zodiac calendar.  It is believed that the zodiac calendar can give us a look at our fortunes and can give us insight into what the year ahead will have in store. 

Master Y.C. Sun, an I-Ching reader sat down with us to talk about what he sees for the year ahead. He calls himself  "a life coach using i-ching principals," which he says are  "a combined astrology and fortune telling and feng shui practice."

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Master Sun actually works in i.t. but says his dad was "a fortune teller in Hong Kong and when I was young I was so impressed with the way he helped people," that he too wanted to learn to give readings.

Now he travels around the Bay Area, talking to people about what the zodiac calendar says about them. He calls it a road map saying "on average if a fortune teller is going to be able to acheive 70 percent that is really good, if a fortune teller tells you 10 items and seven are correct that is very good guidance."

Master Sun says not all of what he tells people can be good news but he also says, "I think encouragement is so important people come they have an issue we always talk about issue as opportunity so once we look at the birthday, look at the face look at the palm look at the energy then we come up with a solution."

These days he considers his I-Ching reading like a research project. He says "when my dad taught me the basics I found that there was 20 percent missing so that's why I am doing the research to uncover the 20 percent,  because there is a formula there and the formula is not perfect and also because there is a gap to it."

Master Sun has a masters degree in computer science and say that gives him the  "discipline to go back to reverse production by doing a lot of reading I gradually uncover some of the missing formula."   He also says he likes explaining all of it to people who don't understand it, "we want the western culture, the community,  the people  to understand there are some things, some things are really useful  to enhance ones life in advance."

And he doesn't just do readings for the Asian community.  "Everybody is curious," he says "everybody when they have a problem they'd like to have a solution basically it is very similar to the i-t, it is also fixing  so that's why I am saying those things are very similar."

When it comes to the year of the pig he says "this is a good year, this is the year of the earth pig its also known as a temple pig because its a wild pig picked up and raised and domesticated by the temple people as a pet, so it is a transformation and also in the chinese zodiac the earth pig is a sign of  good luck good fortune and enjoying life."

Master Sun says on a personal level lots of people will be looking at change, with many relocating or switching companies. He also says it will be a year of compromise because the pig is a hard worker who is willing to make concessions, "the earth pig cherishes friendship take full responsibility on their work and take the ownership for their job and (they) also like to build relationships based upon trust and credibility.   

And he doesn't shy from the politics either saying "we need to look at the speaker Nancy Pelosi she was born in 1940 as a metal dragon and now our President, Mr. Trump born in 1946 as a fire dog, in the chinese zodiac the dragon and the dog crash because they cannot tolerate each other."

What will happen next, well he can't guarantee any of it. Remember its a roadmap, but one with themes of change and compromise. We'll have to wait to see how all of that will play out.