Inmates help deputies rescue baby from locked vehicle in New Port Richey

When a Pasco County mother realized she accidentally locked her baby inside her parked SUV, she called deputies for help.

Thankfully, it happened at the West Pasco Judicial Center, so the response was swift. However, she probably didn’t expect inmates to be the ones who would ultimately save the day.

Shadow Lantry recorded video as Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputies worked side-by-side with inmates to unlock the SUV in which her baby sat, sucking a pacifier in her car seat.

Deputies watched as a man reconfigured a coat hanger. Multiple inmates pulled on the front door of the vehicle to allow the coat hanger through.

After a few minutes of careful finagling, the inmates were able to press the button to unlock the vehicle’s doors.

Deputies and Lantry thanked the inmates for lending a helping hand. She said her baby, Dallas, was doing fine.