‘Is the man available?’: Handsome shelter worker helps dog adoption photo go viral

City of Wichita Falls Animal Services

A photo of a dog up for adoption in Texas has gone viral – but not because of the pooch featured in it.

Wichita Falls Animal Services posted a photo on Facebook of a husky named Sky along with shelter employee Zackry Majewski in an effort to find the dog a forever home. But many viewers became more interested in the handsome employee.

"You might want to do adopt a dog and get a free evening with Zac...the shelter will be cleared out in 20 minutes!" wrote one commenter.

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Many viewers teased that they would love to ‘adopt’ both Zac and Sky.

"Is the man available?" one person asked while another joked, "Wait?! There's a dog in the picture?"

"So which ones for adoption? Feel like my wife’s trying to trick me."

Another wrote, "What’s the adoption fee for Zac? Is he house trained?"

The photo has racked up over 15,000 shares and 21,000 likes.


City of Wichita Falls Animal Services

"I don't even have Facebook. People called me into the office, like my boss, and she was telling me, 'it's blowing up right now,' and then it just kind of increased throughout the day," Majewski told News Channel 6 about the reaction to the post.

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The best part of the photo going viral: the shelter got hundreds of calls from people interested in their animals – and Sky was adopted! The shelter still has plenty of animals that are looking for loving homes.

As for Zac, he told News Channel 6 that modeling isn’t something he’s interested in, but "if it helps animals get adopted, then I will. It got Sky adopted in like an hour yesterday, and we had over a hundred calls on her so, it was pretty great."