It was love at first sight: A Bay Area couple married 70 years shares their secret

They find romance in the smallest moments: A kitchen dance in the middle of the day and other simple gestures of love.  

KTVU Fox 2 reporter Claudine Wong sat down with Jessica and Mario Feusier, who this summer will mark their 68 years of marriage. 

The Feusiers met in Honduras. And straight out of a romance novel, it was love at first sight, as their eyes met from across a crowded room. 

The second time Jessica encountered Mario, she professed to her cousin, "That is the man I'm going to marry." 

After only a few months of being engaged, the couple married. 

Mario recalls his bride looking like a beautiful angel, "an angel from heaven."

From Honduras to Kansas the Feusiers eventually settled in the Bay Area and have lived in their Richmond home for 40 years. 

Their love brought them seven children, 21 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. 

What is their secret to the longevity of their marriage, Claudine asked them.

Mario's answer is simple: We understand each other's point of view and respect is also key. "I don't want to say we never fought," he adds. But he jokes that the arguments have never gotten so serious that they've ended with dishes being thrown. 

Mario continues to joke about the only gripe he has. Because he married the daughter of a general, she's never hesitated to tell him what to do. 

Jessica's response? Somebody has to be the boss.

The couple says people can't believe they've been married for so long.

They are also shocked to hear that Mario is in his mid-90's, turning 95 in August.

There are not many moments that go by he and his wife don't express their love in one way or another.  

Every morning when they wake up and every chance they get, Jessica and Mario press their heads together and to one another they say, "I love you." 

After spending some time with this couple, Claudine remarks that you can't help but think that this is what happily ever really looks like.