Jewish-led group holds protest at IDF gala in support of Palestinians

Protests continued throughout the Bay Area this weekend over the conflict in Gaza. Hundreds of people rallied at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos during a gala supporting the Israeli Defense Fund. 

The organizers of the protest say they are people of Jewish descent who support Palestinians and right now, they want an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.  

Hundreds of people rallied just outside of Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos Sunday afternoon. The museum was closed to the public as Friends of the Israeli Defense Force celebrated its 75th anniversary.  

"You see people getting murdered on their land every single day over our phones and some people aren’t doing anything. I can’t believe people are here raising money to do more," said Mal of San Francisco.   

"As a Jewish American, it’s my responsibility to speak out against genocide. To speak out on the ongoing occupation, illegal occupation of Palestine by the state of Israel," said Sarah Wellington, who was visiting from New York.     

Jewish Voice for Peace organized the protest and says it’s a Jewish-led coalition of Palestinians, Arabs and other allies. They’re also a part of the international Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. They’re demanding an end to what they say is genocide.  

"Israel has already killed over 9,000 people in Gaza just since Oct. 7. A third of them are children. I don’t know how you can call that self-defense," said Lisa Rofel, with Jewish Voice for Peace.    

As emotions continued to rise, one protester took an Israeli flag, ripped it, and stomped on it. A small group of Pro-Israel, counter-protesters also showed up.  

"Peace is obviously ideal but at this point, we cannot make peace with a known terrorist organization. Hamas has said it themselves. He wants all Jews globally, not just in Israel, murdered," said one of the counter-protesters.  

Seth Morrison says his great-grandmother was killed in the Holocaust and still, he doesn’t support Israel’s position.  

"There is this claim that somehow opposing Israel’s settler colonialism is antisemitic. They always try to scare other people by saying oh my God, the Holocaust is happening, and it couldn’t be further from the truth," Morrison said.   

No one attending the gala came out to speak with KTVU about what happened here, but organizers say they’ll continue holding these rallies until the bombing in Gaza ends.