Judge orders Oakland school board votes to be re-examined

A judge in Oakland ordered a partial re-examination of the vote results from last month's school board election.

Nick Resnick was declared the winner in District 4, but officials said there were problems with how the rank-choice ballots were counted.

Now they say Mike Hutchinson should have been declared the winner.

The county registrar has been ordered to let attorneys for both candidates examine the ballots.

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Initially, voters who didn’t choose a first choice candidate but chose a second and third choice had their ballots suspended from the first round of counting.

New calculations changed the results and then winner of the District 4 race when those ballots were added back in, in the first round.

"All I know right now is that we want to make sure every vote was counted as the voter intended it to be," Resnick said. "And once that has been reviewed appropriately and completed, I will absolutely honor the result."

An update on the result is expected on Feb. 10.