Julian Castro tours Oakland homeless encampment

Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro toured the city of Oakland Wednesday to get a first-hand look at housing conditions and homelessness. 

He also visited BART's Fruitvale station where Oscar Grant was killed, as Castro looks towards police reform. 

One Oakland mother has seen the downside of a booming tech industry and ballooning housing bubble. 

Side by side she walked with Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro, taking him through one of the many homeless encampments in Oakland. 

"I have my 8-year-old daughter. There is a 3-month-old baby here. My objective is to help the unhoused families because we have nowhere to go," said Marketa. 

Basic necessities like water, she said are scarce. She said climbing out of homelessness seems impossible giving the housing constraints. 

"We need more low-income housing, not more high-priced housing," she said. 

Castro served as President Obama's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and calls Oakland's housing situation a crisis, one he looks to fix. 

"I put forward a plan so that we can provide 3 more million units of housing throughout the United States over the next 10 years," said Castro. 

Oakland City Councilman Noel Gallo welcomed Castro's visit, vowing to endorse the candidate in his race to the White House. 

"We need housing, affordable housing and based on your experience, what you are proven, your track record, we’re happy to endorse you support you," said Gallo. 

This isn't Castro's first time in Oakland and he said it certainly won't be his last. 

Castro also toured BART's Fruitvale station  where Oscar Grant was shot in the back and killed by a BART police officer in 2009.

There, Castro touted his plan for police reform as he looks to make sure all people are treated the same no matter the color of their skin.