Juvenile homicide suspect arrested in Vallejo months after killing innocent driver

A juvenile homicide suspect who evaded Vallejo police and killed an innocent driver during a pursuit last summer was arrested this week, officials say. 

Vallejo Police Department did not release the suspect's identity due to their age. 

The suspect was spotted by a police detective on Wednesday at the intersection of Ohio and Sutter streets. Patrol officers then stopped the suspect for a felony traffic stop where they were arrested. 

The homicide occurred on August 30. Police were trying to conduct a felony traffic stop on a Toyota Avalon near the intersection of Tennessee and Tuolumne streets. Police said this vehicle was connected to multiple armed robberies in Vallejo. 

When the driver allegedly failed to pull over, police began to pursue the driver of the Avalon, but they said the pursuit was terminated out of concern for public safety. Police lost sight of the vehicle. Another police unit said they saw the suspect's vehicle driving at high speeds and weaving through traffic. The police unit made a U-turn after seeing this. 

Within seconds, police said the suspect's vehicle had crashed into two other vehicles in the area of Springs Road and Tregaskis Avenue. One of the drivers of the uninvolved vehicles was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The suspect fled on foot and managed to once again evade police. A female passenger in the suspect's car was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. 

Someone who works at a nearby barbershop had previously said both the suspect and the police bear some responsibility for the crash. 

Police said they found a loaded firearm in the suspect's vehicle. They presented the case to the Solano County District Attorney's Office, which issued a warrant for the juvenile suspect's arrest. 

No further information on this case was provided.