Kids train to be firefighters with SFFD on Treasure Island

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A  summer camp program on Treasure Island has training kids to be firefighters. 

The San Francisco Fire Department held a training on Tuesday to show young participants what it's like to work in public service. Children from all over the Bay Area took part in the program, which takes them through a series of emergency response scenarios.

“Being a fire fighter is a really, really hard job,” said Matthew Wieland of Petaluma. “There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that you just you just don't know about. It seems like it's a super easy job going to fight fires, but seeing this it's way more tiring and way more tough than I would have ever thought.”

Starting next fall, SFFD, the police department and the school district are teaming up to offer an after school program where students can get an early start on a career path in public service.