Kim Kardashian lookalike allegedly killed by botched injection in Bay Area hotel

A woman arrested in Florida will be extradited to the Bay Area for allegedly killing a Kim Kardashian lookalike with a botched cosmetic procedure in a San Mateo County hotel room.

Vivian Gomez, 50, of Ft. Lauderdale is facing felony charges, including involuntary manslaughter and practicing without a license stemming from the death of Christina "Ashten" Gourkani, a model who many said looked just like Kim Kardashian, said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. 

Gomez is expected to be charged at the courthouse in Redwood City on Monday afternoon, prosecutors said. 

According to prosecutors, Gourkani hired Gomez to perform a gluteal silicone injection, sometimes called a "butt lift," which is unapproved by the FDA due to its health dangers.  

Gomez flew in from Florida and met Gourkani and her fiancée at the Marriott in Burlingame on April 19.

After the procedure, Gourkani fell ill and her fiancée called 911, prosecutors said.

Gourkani was taken later that evening to Mills Peninsula where she died on April 20. 

Silicone was found in Gourkani's blood stream, which ultimately triggered respiratory failure and a pulmonary embolism, prosecutors said.  

Gomez took off for Florida, where she was arrested.

Police in Florida searched Gomez's luggage and found hypodermics were found, prosecutors said.