Krispy Kreme selling lemon-glazed doughnuts for a limited time

This tasty treat is getting a citrus twist!

Krispy Kreme is selling lemon glazed doughnuts, as well as lemon cream-filled ones, starting Tuesday, May 12. The treats will only be available for four days, until Friday, May 15.

The doughnut chain says their limited-edition lemon flavor is a fan favorite, combining zesty lemon with their sweet glaze.

"We’ve made this year’s Lemon glaze extra special with the addition of the Lemon Glazed, Lemon Kreme Filled variety!" the company wrote on its website. "The perfect balance of sweet and tart, this vibrant flavor duo is sure to brighten your day."

You can order doughnuts online for delivery or pickup while stores remain closed.

LINK: For more information and a list of participating shops, click here.