KTVU Crime Reporter Henry Lee's hidden skill

KTVU Crime Reporter Henry Lee has a hidden skill, and it has nothing to do with journalism. Since the age of 7, Henry's enjoyed doing freestyle BMX bike tricks! 

During an interview with professional BMX Bike Riders, our KTVU photographer caught Henry performing a couple stunts.

WATCH: Henry Lee on a BMX 

Henry explains how he got started in the sport:

I’ve been doing BMX bike tricks since I was a kid, when my best friend and were both 7. 

Besides doing stunts, we also chased cop cars and ambulances in our neighborhood, which in no small part led to me becoming a crime reporter! We learned tricks by watching videos and going to BMX shows. When I went to Cal, I brought my BMX bike and was known to show up at crime scenes before the cops because I kept a scanner earpiece in my ear. These days, I don’t get to ride as often but when I do, I’m stuck doing "old-school" tricks. The things they do these days really defy gravity and all laws of physics.