Library window shot out at SJSU, while student in separate case brought loaded gun to campus: police

San Jose police on Thursday evening investigated  "multiple rounds" that were fired at the MLK Library at San Jose State University while students were inside studying, while on the same day in what police say is unrelated, a student was arrested for bringing a loaded gun on campus. 

The shots were reported at 6:20 p.m. and when  police arrived, they found two windows shattered by gunfire, one on the seventh floor, another on the eighth floor. The gunfire also hit a city parking garage across the street from the library, where at least three bullet holes were found in an elevator shaft window.

Police spokeswoman Gina Teeporton said no one was injured and there are no suspects in custody.

Robert Younger of San Jose was nearby when the bullets started flying.

"I got a phone call from my friend who was out here saying there were shots fired," he said. He heard sirens and saw swarms of officers all around the library building.

Monalia Te'o said she's going to do her research at home from now on.

 "I'm used to shootings," she said. "But the fact that it was in the library, that  should be a safe place" 

And, in a separate incident, a student at San Jose State was arrested Thursday for bringing a loaded gun onto campus and making threats. Police said the 17-year-old boy was found with a semi-automatic handgun, ammunition, and a knife, after someone saw threats he had made on social media. 

A former high school classmate of his said he was in the band and was often bullied by other students. 

"It saddens me, he's just very confused," Taraz Chandler said. " I don't think he knows what's good for him. It's a bit of a shame to know that he went to such extremes." 

The boy was booked into juvenile hall and has been suspended from the university.