Lifelong Eagles fan battling rare cancer is on his way to the Super Bowl

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Wayne Baird is a Philadelphia native and long-time Eagles fan. And as he continues his yearlong battle with a rare cancer, he gets a day to detach from it all a live out a dream with the help of his daughters. 

He’s going to the Super Bowl.

“All I’m saying to Linda [Wayne Baird’s wife] is, ‘I can’t pass before they go to the Super Bowl,” Baird said. “I said, ‘I know what’s going to happen: there going to go to the Super Bowl and I’m not gonna be here to watch it.”

But as the Eagles moved closer to a big game berth, Baird’s daughter wrote to the California-based Dream Foundation, which grants wishes to terminally ill adults.

And then everything came together. Baird got word of transportation and lodging costs being covered before receiving a call from the Eagles.

"That was my goal -- live long enough to see the Eagles in the Super Bowl," Baird said.

Wayne Baird has remained positive since the diagnosis and throughout the grueling treatment he’s endured. He even shows up to chemotherapy and other treatments wearing an American flag silk robe to the beat of the theme music from the movie “Rocky.”

"It's just been really great that we're going to be able to do something fun and for a couple of days forget that he has cancer,” said Linda Baird. “We still have more of a battle to go."

Wayne Baird says a lot of this past year has been about goals. The Super Bowl was one, and another two are making it to he and his wife’s anniversary in March and his grandson’s birthday in May.