Little boy spreads kindness with 'Blessing Box'

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A mother and son have found a unique way to help strangers in need. 

Maggie Ballard and her son Paxton, 6, have created a 'Blessing Box' station in their front yard. 

The 'Blessing Box' is a small cupboard on a post. It contains canned foods including vegetables, peanut butter, dried pastas, soup and even socks. A sign on the box says "Take a blessing when you need one. Leave a blessing when you can."

Another 'Blessing Box' visitor left a note saying, "Thanks so much. Very appreciated by those of us who have difficulty 'getting by' and making ends meet on low incomes!" 

Ballard tells KTVU people in need can stop by and take whatever they want from the box. Paxton hopes his neighborhood friends will also start blessing boxes in their yards. 

One man left Paxton a note saying, "I'm old enough to be your grandpa, and all my heroes are getting old and dying. Now you are my new hero. Thank you and your mom."