Livermore prepares for extreme heat

In downtown Livermore, kids beat the heat by splashing around in a fountain. The weather was already pretty toasty Thursday, and it’s only expected to get hotter. 

"We are super thankful for all the water they have around here, whether it’s a splash pad or a fountain. It’s so great to have them when it’s hot," said Dublin resident Danielle Johnson. 

Johnson said she had planned to bring her kids across the street to Lizzie’s Fountain, a Livermore favorite where people are typically seen getting soaked on hot days. But it was dry. 

The City of Livermore posted on social media, explaining Lizzie’s Fountain has not been functioning well. The city encouraged people to check out other spots to cool off. 

"It’s kind of a bummer they chose a hot day, a hot afternoon to do maintenance, but hopefully it’s just temporary," said Johnson. 

The heat wave is expected to bring triple-digit temperatures to Livermore and other parts of the Bay Area. We asked some residents how they were preparing for this dangerously hot weather. 


Triple digit heat to roast the Bay Area this weekend

The Bay Area is bracing for intense heat with forecasters predicting hot temperatures that will persist for several days.

"Find any place to go with air conditioning. You know we’ll go to lunch," said Chris Kruszka from Danville

"I’m hydrating at the bar," joked Livermore resident David Jewell. 

Jewell said he plans to ride out the heat wave by drinking plenty of water in his air-conditioned home. He said his biggest concern is fire danger. 

"I’m very concerned because now that everything is dried up. You can see the hills are just brown and just a match, they’re gonna go," said Jewell. 

MJ Moreno, who owns Azul in downtown Livermore said he loses 20 to 30 percent of business on extremely hot days. 

"People don’t come out during the day. They tend to come out more during the weekend, and we can only stay open until a certain amount of time," said Moreno. 

Rather than accept defeat, Moreno invested in several large misting fans that he put on the patio, as well as extra umbrellas. 

"They’re great, they’re awesome, they make people feel welcome and that’s what we are trying to do," said Moreno.