Livermore teens on charity ride to Oklahoma

Three teenagers from Livermore are traveling cross-country 2,000 miles away on bikes and a unicycle. Part of their mission is to raise money for charity.

Inside a Livermore garage is a collection of unicycles, belonging to 17-year-old Danny Knight. One of them is missing because he’s riding a unicycle from the Bay Area to Oklahoma.

"It’s my little brother doing something crazy," said Josiah Knight of Livermore. "We would do stuff that’s crazy all the time, not this crazy."

Danny Knight started his journey on June 23 in San Francisco. The idea came after Danny visited his brother at his college in Oklahoma a year and a half ago.

"At the time, I was really into unicycling and I thought what if I could ride a unicycle there that would just be crazy, it’s probably not going to happen," said 17-year-old Danny Knight.

Two of Danny’s friends joined him on bikes. "Three guys, 5 wheels" was born.

"I could have said no to the trip or no I’d rather not," said 18-year-old Aiden Habiger. "Instead I threw myself right in. Get out of your comfort zone."

Their trek includes 50 miles a day five days a week through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Danny’s father drives a support vehicle.

"They’re undertaking a trip I think most people would think they aren’t capable of," said Dan Knight of Livermore.

"So far, the trip has been good," said 16-year-old Malachi Schallitz. "The highs are the beautiful views."

The lows include heat exhaustion not to mention Danny is on a unicycle riding 10 miles per hour and can't coast.

The ride raises funds for two nonprofits close to Danny’s heart, Tri Valley Young Life Ministry and East Bay Prayer Furnace run by Danny’s mother.

"I’m just proud of him for going for it, proud of all the kids really," said Amy Knight of Livermore.

When it gets tough on the road, Danny remembers his own advice.

"When you are in the lows, you are climbing uphill it seems really tough you just got to keep on pushing and never give up," said Danny Knight.

Right now, the riders are in Oatman Arizona after crossing the California border. You can follow their journey on Instagram @3guys5wheels. The goal is to finish by mid-August before school starts.

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