Longtime BART critic likes new labor deal

A longtime critic of BART likes the tentative deal between the transit agency and its union workers.

California State Senator Steve Glazer held a news conference Tuesday morning at the Walnut Creek BART Station.

He said that about two months ago, he urged both BART and its employees to resolve their labor differences, and negotiate a long-term, financially sound deal that would prevent work stoppages like the two that happened in 2013.

"Given what we know today, this proposed agreement takes a positive step forward in delivering on those requirements," said State Sen. Glazer, (D) Orinda.

He has been critical of BART, accusing the agency in February of mismanagement.

Glazer had announced that if a new contract was not agreed upon, he would oppose BART's multi-billion dollar bond measure.

The tentative deal still needs to be ratified by BART's governing board and union members.

The new 4-year contract begins next year and increases salaries by about 10.5-percent over the length of the contract.