Lost for 3 years, dog found 200 miles from home in Romulus

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Some people are calling it a Christmas miracle.

A Yorkshire terrier that disappeared from Columbus, Ohio is found in Romulus, nearly 200 miles away.

What's even more stunning is that Rexen went missing almost three years ago to the day from a relative's house.

Animal shelter staff discovered the dog had a microchip and emailed the surprised owners.

Rexen was in pretty rough shape -- covered in fleas and matted hair.

"The hair had actually began growing around his leg," said owner Tashina Green. "And started to cut off the circulation."

"I would like to know what's going through his head," said owner Darrin Green. "What is he thinking of."

"If dogs could talk," quipped Tashina.

The dog is recovering at home with his family.  Since he disappeared the couple had a little girl - but she and the dog have become great friends.