Mama cat cares for orphaned kittens at shelter

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A mother kitten living at Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Walnut Creek, has become a surrogate mother to a pair of orphaned kittens.

The 10-day-old kittens were brought to ARF by a good Samaritan who found them in a dumpster.

The kittens were crying loudly when they were brought into the clinic.

That mother cat had just been weaned from her own four kittens and took notice.

Staff members at ARF put the orphaned kittens into a quiet room with the mother cat who flopped down and immediately began to nurse the crying kittens.

ARF staff says the cat has continued to care for the kittens and will accompany them into a foster home until they are old enough to be weaned.

ARF is asking for the public to help name the kittens. You can submit your ideas on their Facebook page.