Man arrested for allegedly stealing Frances McDormand's Oscar, police say

Terry Bryant, judging by his various social media posts under various names, lives quite an exciting Hollywood life, topped off last night by posing with an Oscar and celebrating.

''An'' Oscar, not ''his'' Oscar.  

The allegation is he picked up Frances McDormand's 8.5 pound, 13.5 inch gold plated statuette, posted himself live on Facebook as he talked about winning for ''best producer,'' then tried to walk away with it.

At one point, he was stopped by security and arrested by the LAPD on a charge of felony grand theft. The Academy has provided no details. 

Bryant was still in custody as of this writing, apparently unable to post $20,000 bond -- which would be 10 percent cash.  

He will likely tell a much different story when he gets a chance, and the D.A., which ultimately decides whether or not to file charges, hasn't reviewed it yet.  

Strange story. Did he have a ticket, a credential, or was this a breach of the normally air-tight Oscar security? 

McDormand took home the award for Best Actress for her role in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."

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