Man missing after fire destroys boat in Bethel Island marina

A large fire destroyed a boat at the Bethel Island marina and now firefighters are worried the boat's owner may have been on board. 

The Eastern Contra Costa Fire Department responded to this call around 10 p.m. Sunday. 

Firefighters say the 30-foot cabin cruiser was entirely engulfed in flames. The boat was partially collapsed. 

"We do know we do have one adult male that does live on the boat but at this time he is unaccounted for," said fire spokesman Craig Auzeonne. "His vehicle is here at the marina but like I said he is unaccounted for and we'll be looking through the boat to see if he's on there." 

The fire department says they know the owner does sleep on the boat and even found his car parked at the marina.

Sheriff's marine units planned to keep the boat afloat and in place until sunrise.

Then, crew members would search to see if they find anyone.