Man on parole arrested after allegedly stealing $900 Lego sets in Vallejo

A man on parole was arrested after he allegedly stole $900 worth of LEGO sets, Vallejo police said Sunday.

Vallejo officers were alerted on Friday to a burglary call from a store located in the 700 block of Admiral Callaghan Lane. According to police, the store's staff gave a detailed description of the suspect and a Hyundai Sonata with a reported stolen license plate parked outside that was used by the burglar after an alleged theft.

Later, patrol officers found the Sonata traveling westbound on Redwood Street near Fairgrounds Drive. They attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver sped away and an 11-mile pursuit ensued, police said.

During the pursuit, a male passenger jumped out of the vehicle while it was traveling at approximately 50 miles per hour. Police said officers still pursued the driver until he lost control and collided with a retaining wall on Mississippi Street near Sacramento Street. 

The driver was sent to a hospital for medical clearance before he was detained. Police learned he had two outstanding felony warrants for grand theft and a traffic-related offense

Meanwhile, officers searched the area where the passenger jumped out. Eventually, they were tipped off that someone was hiding in a backyard trashcan. Officers found the injured thief and nabbed him. He was admitted to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Police alleged the thief admitted to stealing and selling Lego sets. A records check revealed he was on parole for possessing a stolen vehicle.