Man poses as delivery driver in SF, demands signature

Surveillance video shows a man walking up to a home in San Francisco's Mission Terrace neighborhood and picking up a package that was already delivered. He takes a look at the label and then rings the bell.

"He said ‘Hey, there's a package here for you, you know, you have to sign for it, open the door," said resident Angelica Santamaria. 

It happened on Cotter Street near San Jose Avenue at about 6:45 p.m. Thursday.

Santamaria and her husband weren't home at the time. Her husband told the man remotely just to leave the package after sensing something was off.

"The guy had walked up and picked that up, and looked at the name, saw my name and he figured it was a woman, ‘Hey, let me see if I show up at the door, right?’ " 

But the stranger wouldn't take no for an answer.

"The guy was still, you know, he had some gall to still pretty much insist on opening the door several times. He's like, 'Oh well you're not going to get your package then, are you?' He started to get a little weird after a few tries."

Her husband told the man that he was on camera and to just go ahead and take the package and leave.

"That's when he got mad and spit on the camera, threw the package at the gate, left the package and left," Santamaria said.

She thinks they fended off a would-be home invader.

"He didn't care about the package. He wanted to gain access somehow, maybe get some money, rob us or get something in the house. He seemed pretty persistent," she said.

The man was not in a uniform, although some who deliver packages don't wear them. He was carrying a distinctive small towel. Santamaria and San Francisco police hope anyone who recognizes him will come forward.