Man reportedly robs pizzeria after applying for job, leaves behind contact information

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When committing a crime, it’s probably not a good idea to leave behind your personal contact information.

A bizarre situation unfolded at a pizza place in Pennsylvania on Wednesday when a man applying for a job at the restaurant decided to rob it instead. This was after he apparently filled out an application with his personal information on it.

Authorities have charged Nicholas M. Mark, 22, with robbery, robbery with the threat of serious injury, theft, possession of a weapon, simple assault and possession of drug paraphernalia, The Morning Call reports.

Mark reportedly stole a tip jar from Pizza D’Oro in North Catasauqua and used a knife to threaten an employee who gave chase. Oddly, the suspect reportedly applied for a job at the restaurant before grabbing the jar, and apparently left behind his contact information on a form.

According to an employee at the pizza place, Mark also left behind a backpack which contained multiple items that had his name on them, along with syringes and other potential drug paraphernalia. Authorities were reportedly able to locate Mark, who was correctly identified by employees in a lineup.

Mark was arrested, and after being unable to post bail, he was booked at Northampton County Prison. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 11, WFMZ reports.

In other pizza crime-related news, a New Jersey man has been arrested for making fake pizza orders that reportedly cost the pizzerias thousands of dollars. Sudeep Khetani allegedly pretended that the large orders were intended for first responders during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. But instead of picking up the food, Khetani is accused of harassing and insulting the restaurant employees who called to inquire about the abandoned orders.