Man shot by Hayward police dies

An Oakland man shot by Hayward police last weekend has died, according to police. 

36-year-old Eric Ortega Soto was pronounced dead on August 17 by doctors at Eden Medical Center. An autopsy revealed his death was as a result of a gunshot wound. 

On Wednesday, police announced an arrest on Wednesday in an officer-involved shooting from over the weekend.

Investigators say 24-year-old Francisco Navarro of Oakland was arrested Saturday after the shooting and is facing various charges including parole and probation violations,

Police say the month of August has seen an unprecedented number of violent crimes in Hayward, Police say there have been a total of eight homicides this year.  That's two more than the same time last year, meaning investigators have their hands full with homicide cases. 

"Our detectives are basically working with no days off because all of this stuff is happening between a short period of time," says Hayward Police Sgt. Ryan Cantrell. 

Since August 2nd, there have been five homicides on Hayward’s streets.  Two involved family disputes.  In both those cases suspects were arrested.  The other three homicides are still open active cases.

"We do not have a serial murderer going around. We don't have any of those kinds of things. It's unfortunate they all happened at the same time, but at the same time we want to reassure people these are unrelated, isolated incidents," says Cantrell.

Tuesday night there was yet another shooting, although this time it wasn't fatal.  Investigators say at 11:45 pm.  A man and a woman were robbed of their cell phones at gunpoint officers responded near the intersection of Florida Street and Dolphin Lane.  The victims told police after complying with the suspect. The man was shot and the suspect took off in a candy apple red SUV.  With each of these recent cases, investigators say they're following up on strong leads.

"It's a matter of people coming forward, that we need their help. Some of it is just waiting for search warrant returns and see what video has come up," says Cantrell. 

With so many violent crimes KTVU asked police will they step up patrols.  They say at this time they won’t be and it will be business as usual, since there’s nothing to link any of these crimes.

"These are random events all over the city at different times of the day. So it's really hard to deploy based on that," says Cantrell.