Man with terminal cancer moves up wait list and gets a Tesla

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This is a really beautiful story.

A man with stage 4 Cancer really wanted to get his Tesla 3 before he died. 
He’d ordered it.
But there is a wait for deliveries.
And he was hoping to move up in the line so he'd have time to drive it.

He wrote this on a Tesla forum:

“I have a stage 4 cancer and have been told I may only have 3-4 months to live. 
The last thing on my bucket list is our Model 3 and I’d like to have a few days to experience and enjoy it. 
I wonder if there’s any flexibility in the que?”

Another woman in the Tesla forum named Bonnie Norman @bonnienorman saw his post and decided that she wanted to do something.

And she wrote about what happened next on twitter. 
Here's are her tweets:

I sent the photos and story to Tesla on 11/26. 
A few mountains were moved.
And the very next day, he was asked to configure his Model 3. :)

And a huge crew turned out to make this a crazy special day <3.

Private factory tour, intros around, everyone grinning to be part of this.

No one from Tesla looking to publicize, everyone involved with the purest of intentions.

Oh! And he and his wife have their new Model 3. 
Lots of tears around. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. 
My heart is full.

Thanks everyone @Tesla. 
Thanks especially to @DevinaKSingh and @jonmcneill . 
We make an awesome team.

---Bonnie Norman

Outstanding job Bonnie.
Outstanding job Tesla.
Love to see people come together and help.
It never gets old.