Man zapped by downed wire in Woodside

A man on the Peninsula is lucky to be alive after being shocked by a downed wire he haphazardly touched on Tuesday.

Brad Fleming told KTVU he was driving along Ridgeway Road and didn't immediately see the downed power lines on the road before going over them.

Fleming said he stopped his vehicle and got out. Then, as he admits, he made a heedless decision. 

"I stupidly tried to pull it off my tire, and I got a huge big shock," he said.


Over 150,000 people without power across the Bay Area

Strong winds across the Bay Area have left over 150,000 residents without power on Tuesday afternoon.

Fleming touched a live wire, which created an electric shock that he was on the receiving end of.

Fortunate for him, he wasn't injured — or killed.

"I feel lucky to be alive," Flemings said.

When asked how the shock felt, he said, "Like my nose hairs got all cleaned out."

Fleming said based on the luck he had Tuesday, that might raise his chances of winning the lottery.

"I'm definitely going to buy a lottery ticket today," he said cheerfully.