Marmot tallies rewards of Super Bowl ad investment

A Bay Area company made its Super Bowl commercial debut. Now Rohnert Park-based Marmot is tallying the benefits of spending $4.5 - $5 million on one ad.

"First time we've been on a stage of this magnitude," said Marmot's president, Mark Martin. "It's a very rare event.". "A tremendous experience for us."

Marmot has been making outdoor gear and clothing for more than four decades, but the brand is still unknown to many. Martin is hoping the Super Bowl will change that.

"That gathering, that once a year opportunity to talk to 120 million people," Martin said. "It's a very rare event." The ad's tag line "love the outdoors" is playing to outdoorsy types, and those who can be converted.

The company said it saw a bump in sales after the ad aired during the Super Bowl, and web traffic doubled. "But again, that's a one day bump," Martin explained. "And and that's the part that we're going to be most interested in as we get later on into the year."

Marmot spent more than its entire advertising budget last year on one ad during this year's big game. This year the company increased it's advertising budget, with plans to continue ads with the NFL.

"What we're looking at is what is the long term momentum for the brand," Martin said. "We anticipate that through the activations that we'll have post Super Bowl, that this will be one of the best investments we've ever made."