Massive oak tree falls on San Anselmo home, man rescued through window

An old oak tree crashed onto a home in San Anselmo Friday morning. Two residents were home and one had to be pulled through a window, fire officials said.

A massive oak tree fell onto a home in San Anselmo early Friday morning.

The 100-200 year-old tree went down around 5:23 a.m. at a home on Yolanda Drive, according to fire officials. 

Two residents were home during the crash, and one had to be rescued through a window. 

Authorities said a man was in a bedroom where a branch hit and firefighters had to pull him out a window to get him to safety. He is expected to be ok.

A female resident was in a back bedroom and was uninjured, officials said.

The massive oak tree that fell on the home is estimated to be 100-200 years old, officials said.

Photos from the scene show the massive tree cracked at the base and smashed onto the caved roof of the home.

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Officials did not give the extent of the home damage.