Mavericks surf competition called off for third year in a row

The Mavericks surf competition off the San Mateo County coast will not happen this season.

The organizers announced they're pulling the plug. This is the third year in a row the competition has been called off.

There's still a change another organizer can step in, but as of now it looks as if there won't be a Mavericks surf competition.

Jeff Clark, the founder of the Mavericks surfing competition explained what it's like to surf the monstrous waves.

"It's just so thrilling. It takes all your focus."

But the competition, which draws top surfers from around the globe, and attracts thousands of fans, appears to be a wipe out for this season.

The World Surf League, which holds the permit to organize the event, announced it was canceling the competition for this year because it was having trouble finding a suitable sponsor.

"Basically the World Surf League ran this up to the eleventh hour and made this announcement today," says San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Sabrina Brennan. "I heard about it yesterday. Makes it really difficult to try and regroup to run a competition."

Brennan says the eleventh hour decision makes it difficult for another organizer to jump in, especially with the surf window opening November 1.

The competition has been called off before, but usually because of poor surfing conditions.

Clark says that while the competition may not happen this year, the waves will still be here, and ready for any surfer up to the challenge.

"We get to surf it all winter without worrying about blackout days."

It's unclear where the competition stands for next year. The World Surf League could try again, or just step aside and let another organization carry out the event.

Most people are optimistic the surfing competition will return.