Men with beards appear as better partners in long-term relationships, study suggests

Photos: Getty Images

A study by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that women find men with beards to be more attractive than clean-shaven faces for long-term relationships. 

The study, which was conducted in 2016, reportedly used computer graphic manipulation to see how women's physical attractiveness to a man varied depending on how masculine they appeared and how much facial hair they had. Women rated the men for their physical attractiveness in general, for a short-term relationship, and for a long-term relationship.

The results showed that men with stubble and beards were judged as more attractive than clean-shaven faces for long-term relationships. They also showed that men with more masculine features (for example, a pronounced brow ridge and a more robust jawline) were more attractive for short-term relationships. 

The study also stated that beards may signal men's age and masculine social dominance, while masculine features may signal a man's underlying health.

To read the full study, visit the Wiley Online Library.

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