Meta spent record $26.8 million to keep the Zuckerberg family safe

Meta spent a record $26.8 million on security and private jets for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his family in 2021, according to a filing with the securities and exchange commission.

That is nearly $2 million more than in 2020. 

The SEC filing showed that the company spent more than $15.1 million on personal security for Zuckerberg in 2021, according to Business Insider, $10 million in pre-tax allowances for security for both him and his family. 

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The company also spent $1.6 million on private jets for the CEO, according to Business Insider. 

The SEC filings did not give details on how the money was spent. But a 2019 Business Insider article reported that Zuckerberg had 24-7 bodyguard protection, access to an office with bullet-resistant glass, and a panic button.