More details revealed about Piedmont EV charging station

This Piedmont gas station could become an EV charging station. 

More details about plans for a first-of-its-kind electric vehicle charging station in Piedmont have been revealed.

According to the permit application submitted to the city's Planning Department, Shell Recharge wants to install "14 ultra-fast electric vehicle charging stalls for resident use for charging their electric vehicle batteries" at Piedmont AutoCare gas station and autoshop ta Grand and Wildwood avenues.

Shell Recharge bought Piedmont Autocare this month. Before the sale, it had been one of the East Bay's oldest gas stations. It first opened for business in 1928.

According to the permit, most vehicles will be able to recharge in 20 minutes and the company also wants to add a courtyard and public garden to the property.

"Customers charging or neighbors walking by may enjoy strolling through or sitting in the courtyard garden," part of the permit reads.

When asked on the application how the project would benefit Piedmont residents, Shell representatives wrote: "It will address top barriers for EV adoption... Residents will use stations for faster top-offs than what's possible at home," the application adds that the EV charging station would contribute to Piedmont's climate and air quality goals.

The EV charging hub would have seven electric "fueling" stations, with space for one vehicle on either side, for a total of 14 charging ports.

The charging ports would be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hub would not have any workers on-site.

In a design permit application, Shell said the EV charging hub would maintain the character of the nearby residential neighborhood since it would have "bungalow-style timber canopies to provide warmer, charming appeal."

The process of having the applications approved could take months. 

Before any construction begins, Shell is required to do remediation on the lot, including removing three underground fuel storage tanks that serviced the gas station for several decades.

The company said in its application that it plans to have an open-house with neighbors to answer any of their questions.

KTVU contacted representatives from Shell Recharge for comment on the permit and EV Charging Hub plans and has, so far, not received a response from them.